Pregnancy & Postpartum

Specialized care for people navigating conception, pregnancy, loss, and postpartum.

Parents often worry their psychiatric medication may be bad for the baby. We help families process confusing information to make an informed decision about their treatment during pregnancy.


Focus on achieving control of mental health concerns through pregnancy-appropriate medications and therapy.


Choose the best treatment by considering mom’s wellness, risks to the baby, and family’s strengths.


Watch carefully for changes in mental health while finding creative ways to balance mom and baby’s needs.

Our approach to...
Reproductive Mental Health
  • We focus on current medical literature to support any prescribing and un-prescribing decisions.
  • We provide evidence-based therapy or work in conjunction with your current therapist to make sure your treatment is multifaceted.
  • We look at the health of the gestational parent, baby, and the family to make a plan that works for you.

Meet the Perinatal Team

Meet our providers who specialize in perinatal mental healthcare.


Marisa Bell

Founder & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Medication & Therapy


Bipolar, Trauma, Pregnancy & Postpartum

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